Meaghan has been specializing in Creative Direction and Visual Storytelling since 1998, art directing her own show at Cartoon Network based on her comic “A Kitty Bobo Show” just three years later.  She was one of the very first female creators at Cartoon Network and one of only two female storyboard artists, solidifying her place as a trailblazer in the traditionally male-dominated industry.

While working at Eyemaginations, Meaghan built a new animation department from scratch, leading a department of two dozen designers and animators and creating a custom division of pharmaceutical b2b offerings. At Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, Meaghan took over the partnership of the University-funded Motionheads Animation Studio incubator, redeveloping its business strategy and turning it into the independently-run commercial studio Dunnamic.

In 2011, Meaghan was awarded the American Express M3 (“Make Mine a Million”) Women’s Entrepreneur Award for her work on patient education patent pending software platform Kurekare. The ground-breaking software utilizes custom playlisted animation segments in multiple languages and with real time drawing and tracking features over viewed animation for patients to examine with a healthcare provider or from home. Meaghan’s success allowed her to secure two rounds of funding from Novatorium. With this investment, she then partnered with Temple University Hospital to build and beta test a cardiology module of her patient education software.

After divesting part of Dunnamic to investors, Meaghan was awarded a contract by Petroskills to develop print and online educational content for gas and oil compliance modules and training. She was also awarded a contract from Hilton to build a beta software program used to test, educate, and collect data on middle and high school students’ knowledge of the effects of drug and alcohol consumption throughout New York City. Meaghan also created animation for the University of Pennsylvania’s Online Learning Department for editing and compositing online lectures from various University departments.

In 2019, Meaghan became the first and only female animator on her team at Studio 361, TD Bank’s internal creative agency, creating campaign concepts, storyboards, designs and animation for the international financial giant. She is currently a part time adjunct professor at the University of the Arts teaching visual effects compositing and principles of animation.

Born on the South Korean island of Hong-do, Meaghan has been drawing since she first had access to paper and crayons while living as child in an orphanage. Adopted at age five, she grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, inspired to begin creating comics at a very young age. She went on to study Biochemistry and Visual Communications at the University of Delaware, computer animation at Full Sail University and began self-publishing her own comics while living in Berkeley, California. During her time in Berkeley, she co-founded a Korean adoptee non-profit with two fellow adoptees she met in the North Bay Area called AKASF.

Meaghan currently resides back home in Bucks County, raising her daughter close to where Dunn grew up. In her very limited spare time, Meaghan enjoys playing guitar and piano, creating music for cartoons, cooking Jewish, Korean and vegan specialties in her home kitchen, and dabbling in entrepreneurship. Meaghan is also a volunteer firefighter in Newtown, and board member as the Director of Communications for Meaghan continues to draw her 23-year old comic series “Kimchi Girl,” published exclusively in Korean Quarterly since 1998.


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